The conspiracy of vitamin use. Vitamins fulfill the westerners minds of a pharmaceutical system. Have an issue with your body, take a pill to fix the disease! Little do we know, drugs don’t actually work. Many drugs, especially pain killers (on the contrary of some reducing swelling which may help temporarily), are used to cure the SYMPTOM. There is a difference between the root cause of a problem, and simply an effect of the problem. Westerners believe that taking a drug to fix one symptom (and causing many other symptoms) is synonymous for fixing the disease. This is where we fail to be educated. Many prescription drugs claim to help improve the life of the individual, while never actually looking at the ailment. Many diseases are simply symptoms of a deep rooted issue. Our body reacts in weird ways to let us know something is wrong. For example, a headache could be a sign of dehydration (something simple), a blood clot (something serious), or even a sign for a larger deep rooted disease such as a virus or meningitis. When you add up all the symptoms you are experiencing, most often you’ll find a disease associated. These diseases occur due to our body not working efficiently. Something as simple as a vitamin deficiency may be causing all our issues, due to our body not having the proper resources to be able to fight whatever it is suffering from. Some forms of auto-immune diseases react due to our body put into over drive from a simple virus it could not conquer at the time (ex. rheumatic fever). If only we treated our bodies with more delicacy, could we come to the conclusion of the real cause of disorders.

Eastern medicine often looks at the root cause of diseases. Instead of drugging their patients, they work meticulously for finding the bad fruit and digging it out. With many alternative therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and diet; these provide a gentle release for your body. The use of pharmaceutical drugs in America has gotten out of hand. Attempting to find the easy way out (Got a problem? Take a drug!), we fail to acknowledge the true problem. This industry is so descriptive it can even be labeled under the names of greed and gluttony. Without taking the proper care of the patient, they find the quick paced environment of easy money a fix. Many Americans lack the knowledge to even know they are being DRUGGED. Meaning a false perception to the reality of your health, a substance which has physiological effects causing a stupor. Simply look up the definition! How does that sound attractive being compared to the hardcore drugs in our industry (cocaine, heroine, opiates, etc).

Now to vitamins. Is it a fixation of our western mind or a possible healthy solution? My opinion, it depends. Taking vitamins to get the easy way out versus truly caring for your body by eating healthy may not be the best option. Vitamins are a pill, a fix, for your health crave. If you are not eating vegetables in plenty, your body is missing out. There are many phytochemical found in vegetables that pills simply can’t mimic. Along with the benefits of fiber, you’re doing your body more harm than good. Plus, some vitamin brands are even known for being false. For example, a brand selling the herb ginkgo biloba, was known for putting false herbs and spice in the pill versus the expensive herb as ginkgo. Now if you have an immediate vitamin deficiency, taking a pill may help your body come up to balance for the time being. Vitamins can help your body cope, while you’re getting your life back to order. Of course, in conclusion, if you simple lack the self control to keep up a healthy diet. I’d rather you douse yourself in vitamins than eating purely unhealthy without a substitute. Vitamins shouldn’t be your main source of healthy intake, they should be a last resort after trying other options of improving your health. Last and foremost, you should always try your best to take care of yourself and a plentiful diet. Whole pure foods is always the best way to go.

P.S. (unfinished) I need to look up the exact research details for your benefit.

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