Homemade Natural Deodorant

The health claims with aluminum in deodorant linked to breast cancer are alarming. With more and more people becoming awake, it’s hard to counteract the fact of the danger. Natural deodorant is a healthy alternative. Not only does it prevent the risk of cancer, it also supports a healthy air flow to your pores. Deodorants can clog up your sweat glands and cause more issues. Along with all the other chemicals and fragrances in modern deodorant, commercial deodorant is not an attractive option. On my journey to becoming fully natural, I stumbled upon a few deodorant recipes. Mixing bees wax, shea butter, cocoa butter, along with essential oil fragrances and dabbling with baking soda; I couldn’t find an efficient option. Some of the recipes I tried became to clumpy, too brittle to use effectively. Others were too soft, melting into my armpit and dripping when I got heated up. And sadly, most of them simply didn’t get the job done. I would end up half way through the day smelling bad. I even tried to go without deodorant completely due to my frustration. Of course that didn’t work at all! So here I found an easy and simple recipe for natural deodorant. Using only two ingredients, baking soda and cornstarch. While this may seem like a ridiculous recipe due to it’s lack of intricacy, it has worked wonders for me over the past 3 years!


1 part baking soda (1/2 cup)

1 part cornstarch (1/2 cup)


After a morning shower, I generally oil up with coconut oil along with essential oils. This allows a ground for lubrication under my armpits. It is not necessary to apply the deodorant with moisture, it will powder on perfectly fine. Simply through some on your fingertips and under your arms. Pat away the excess powder from the other areas of your body. Oil will help it stick so it is not as messy. It also may help the deodorant last longer through out the day, but I have not had a problem trying them both ways. But from past experience, I do believe it works more efficiently after a shower. This will give a clean ground for the application. If you already have bacteria and smelly aromas coming out of your arms, I’m not sure any kind of deodorant will help you out.


Baking soda works as a deodorizer, neutralizing funny smells. Cornstarch works as an absorbant, getting rid of your excess sweat. These two ingredients allow your armpits with room to breathe, without the harmful effects of many additives. Cheap and simple, it’s a very appealing alternative.

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