Your Death Bed

I saw the light fade away.

As your eyes turned black,

Your face deadened.

Turning white,

Bleeding inside.

You refused to scream.

To let me aware.

You denied, denied, denied.

Why can’t you bleed in front of me?

My wrist are slit.

Pouring for you.

I plea as I watch your tomb being made.


Shovel the dirt, shovel the dirt.

I dig your grave,

Because I can no longer help.

Shovel the dirt, shovel the dirt.

Deeper we fall,

Into the pit of hell.


Fire consumes any chance of hope.

You let out your last breath,

As you slide the rope around your neck.

I scream,

My eyes unaware.

Blind folded by your lies.

I trusted with blant (blatant) naiveness.

My heart knew,

My heart knew.

But what could I do?


So here I dig.

Through the maggots and flesh.

Your bones are brittle,

From the lack of self love.

My heart tears apart,

Like a body being ripped through the blunt force,

Of two trucks traveling in opposite directions.

I scream for hope,

You whisper for death.

Chi flows out of you,

Dissipating into the earth.

Drained of all things holy and pure,

You cling to the devil.

Finding comfort in your fatality,

I am left with no option,

But to dig your grave.



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