Boom Boom Boom

Boom, boom, boom.

Deadening inside.

I go deaf,

And then become blind.

Upon this darkness,

I see no light.

The people’s eyes,

are the only ones screaming.

Silence fills the room,

And then despair.

I watch the souls burn,

As they fill with hate.

Where did the passion go,

The desire for love.

Boom, boom, boom.

Deadening inside.

I feel my heart crumble,

As people dissipate.

Am I in an illusion,

A false reality?

Where all I see,

Are dead people screaming with their eyes.

Speak to me,

Hear me O Lord.

The people are crying,

With the only parts we can see.

Our hearts are dead.

Our souls malignant.

Where is Your magnificence?

Your arms of hope and love.

We are drowning in the fire.

And we don’t see a way out.

We’ve become numb.

It’s easier to die,

Than to fight to live.

Gasp for air,

Breathe life into me.

Cause we’re all choking,

On the only fire we can breathe.

Pollution fills the air,

Chemicals we feed.

There must be more,

Than this illusion we live in.

Torture the animal,

Masquerade the human.

Sit by the TV,

Drain your mind.

Be washed over,

By the illusion we live by.

Give us hope,

A reason to live.

Fight for the impossible,

And make reality a likelihood.

Let peace wash over the ashes,

And create another type of,

Boom boom boom.

From destruction we rise.

And hope we fall.

Into a soft cloud,

A security net of hope.


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