Slit my throat,

Slice my heart.

Return back home,

To who you once were.

Or never come back.


Hatred replaces love,

As I see you fade away.

Anger replaces nurture,

As I watch you reject.

Our love we offered,

With empty reward.


You denied us,

The right to save.

Now we are left,

With a puddle of death.

Jacob isn’t here.

Who has been replaced?


Maybe I failed you,

Maybe I didn’t love you.

Hoping you would accept my counsel,

A gift with assumption.

True love never expects.


It’s easier to hate,

Than to say I loved and got hurt.

It’s easier to blame,

Than to accept my fault.

You, my brother,

Were my first love (Philia).

My best friend,

My other soul.


Our umbilical cords were tangled,

And now they are dissolved.

You do not exist.

You’re just another stranger inside,

My brother’s body.


Oh Jacob, Oh Jacob.

How I grieve over your death.

My brother, My brother,

Where are you?

Is there any chance of you returning back home?

Will you forever be an alien,

Inside my brother’s body?


P.S. To my lost brother. Trapped in a drug addiction.

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