Triangle of Nature. This site is focused on building optimal nutrition and healthy habits in order to succeed with life. Mind. Body. And Spirit.


Common psychology, simple daily habits, and focused meditation prepare you to develop a healthier mindset. Once your mind is in order, everything else will follow. Make a conscious effort to send positivity and gratitude into the world. Thoughts lead to action, so keep them centered.


Daily exercise and healthy eating habits are vital for preparing your body to handle life’s daily stress. When you treat your body like a temple, you will be rewarded with energy. Physical activity is only natural when considering a man vs. world mentality from ancient times. Vegetables have been proven to reverse diseases and improve longevity. Treat your body with discipline and life will be easier.


Life is about connection, you must find a foundation. Finding your purpose in life is key to success. Your spirit needs support from family, friends, and most importantly a higher being or your higher self. Commit yourself to a moral code and find others who share your beliefs.